Amazon partnering with Eastern Railways sets up pick-up kiosk in Kolkata after Mumbai

After Mumbai, the Amazon India private e-commerce firm has set up its second pick up kiosk in Kolkata’s Sealdah Railway Station.


The pick-up kiosk has been set up in partnership with the Eastern Railways. It is to be noted that in 2019, the E-Commerce firm had set up pickup kiosk in four railway stations of Mumbai. The pick up kiosk allows the customers to pick up packages at railway stations.

Tie-up with Indian Railways

In October 2019, Amazon India tied up with the Indian Railways to transport customer packages through Railways on the routes of Mumbai to New Delhi, New Delhi to Kolkata.

What are the benefits?

This tie up with the Amazon India, will help Indian Railways meet its freight and passenger earning targets. This will help in its dwindling finances. The Freight earnings of Indian Railways till November 2019 has been 4.32% less than the same period of previous year and 19.72% lower than the target fixed. Similarly, the passenger earning was 5.33% lesser than the same period of previous year.




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