Adventure Tourism recognised as Niche Tourism Product

Adventure Tourism was recently recognised as a “Niche Tourism Product” by the Ministry of Tourism. Adventure Tourism includes Water Sports activities. It received the recognition in a bid to promote country, including Bihar, as a 365 days destination as well as to attract tourist with specific interest.

National Strategy for Adventure Tourism:

  • Ministry has prepared a “National Strategy for Adventure Tourism”, with the objective of making India as a preferred destination for adventure tourism worldwide.
  • A National Board for Adventure Tourism has also been set up, with Secretary of Tourism as its Chairperson.
  • The board consists of representatives from Central Ministries or organizations, State Governments or UT Administrations besides the Industry Stakeholders.
  • Board has been set up with the objective to operationalize and implement the strategy for the promotion and development of adventure tourism in India.

Strategy of the board will cover:

  • Action plan and formulation of dedicated scheme in detail
  • Certification Scheme
  • Safety guidelines
  • Capacity building, reproduction of national and global best practices
  • Assessment of state policies and ranking
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Development of destination and product
  • Participation of Private sector
  • Specific strategies for adventure tourism
  • Any other measures for growth of adventure tourism in India

About Niche Tourism

When a specific tourism product is tailored to meet the requirements of particular audience or market segment, it is known as Niche Tourism. Locations associated with specific niche products manages to establish and position themselves as niche tourism destinations. Niche Tourism include outdoor pursuits, cultural tours, nature-based tourism, screen tourism, and other such travel experiences.




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