19 Interstellar Asteroids discovered between Jupiter and Neptune

The Brazilian Astronomers have discovered 19 new asteroids between the Jupiter and the Neptune. The astronomers believe that they joined the solar system 4.5 billion years ago.


As the universe began to expand, the sun was born and the gravity of the growing sun sucked these asteroids into the solar system. These asteroids once belonged to another star and are now orbiting between Jupiter and Neptune. The asteroids are orbiting in a plane perpendicular to the planetary motion. They are now a part of “Centaurs” orbiting the sun. Centaurs are group of asteroids between Neptune and Jupiter.

The first interstellar asteroid discovered was “Oumuamua”.


The Oumuamua was discovered in 2017. The asteroid according to the astronomers have come from the star called Vega in the constellation Lyra.


Investigating interstellar objects help to learn about other star systems in the universe. These astronomical objects travelling between star systems pick up materials along their ways.




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