10th virtual meeting of BRICS NSAs

10th Meeting of the BRICS High Representatives on National Security will be held today, September 17, 2020. The virtual meeting would be chaired by Russia.

Key facts

  • The National Security Advisors of the BRICS nations will discuss the issues related to strengthening of the political security and cooperation among the BRICS nations.
  • Countries will also exchange their views on international security, biosafety, cooperation on counter-terrorism and cybersecurity.

BRICS Nations

BRICS is an association of five economies including Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. This was formed in 2009. These countries have their significant influence on the regional affairs. BRICS member meet annually at formal summits. The most recent summit was the 11th BRICS summit that was held on 13–14 November 2019.


Originally there were four members grouped together as “BRIC” members. In 2010, South Africa was added to the group and the acronym became BRICS.

More About BRICS countries

  • Four out of five members, excluding South Africa, are among world’s ten largest countries by population and area.
  • These countries are also the members of G20 nations.
  • These five nations had a combined nominal GDP of about 23.2% of the gross world product.
  • Bilateral relations between these countries are based on the principle of non-interference, equality, and mutual benefit.
  • India, Russia and China are also the members of BRICS, Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and  Russia-India-China (RIC) grouping.
  • These countries makes up 25 per cent of the world’s land mass.
  • Since 2012, the BRICS countries are planning to construct an optical fibre submarine communications cable system. The system would be used to carry telecommunications between the BRICS countries. The cable to be known as the BRICS Cable.




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