Tinsukia Railway Junction to get WiFi

The Tinsukia Junction in Assam has become India’s 4000th railway station to receive free public WiFi. The Indian Railway claims that they having been rolling out free WiFi for the public in over 83 stations per day.

The Indian Railways claims that they have rolled out WiFi in over 1000 stations in a record time of just 12 days by RailTel.

The RailWire Wifi will offer a stable internet connection to any user who possesses a smartphone. The free WiFi is in line with the Prime Minister’s ‘Digital India’ program to strengthen digital penetration in the Indian population.

About RailTel

  • The RailTel Corporation of India Ltd. is a Miniratna enterprise of Government of India. The RailTel is wholly owned by the Indian Railways.
  • The RailTel has focused on the need to improve the internet in the railway premises and aims to provide broadband and VPN services.
  • The main objective of the RailTel is to create a nationwide network of broadband, telecom and multimedia network on the premises of the Indian Railways.
  • RailTel also aims to modernize the train control operation and safety system of Indian Railways.
  • Currently, the RailTel’s network covers over 5,000 stations across the country and links all major commercial centers.
  • The RailTel was established in September 2000 as a Public Sector Undertaking (PSU).

Collaboration between RailTel and Google

  • In India, RailTel is collaborating with Google to provide free WiFi at selected railways stations in India.
  • This is a mutually beneficial arrangement for both firms.
  • While Google supplies free WiFi, the power supply and fiber is provided by RailTel.
  • As the passengers belong to the various demographic strata of the nation, it provides a unique opportunity to analyze internet usage pattern for all. 
  • By June 2018, Google was powering over 400 railway stations in India which were benefitting over 8 million people accessing the internet each month.

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