TEJAS Skilling Project

On 28th March 2022, Anurag Thakur launched Training for Emirates Jobs And Skills (TEJAS) in Dubai. This is an initiative under the Skill India International Project to train Indians so that they can get employed overseas.

The objective of this programme

This programme has the objective of skilling, providing certification, and employment of Indians overseas. TEJAS is also aiming to create pathways so that the Indian workforce can get equipped for the various skills and market requirements in the UAE. Under this project, 10,000 strong Indian workforces will be created in the UAE during the initial phase of implementation.

The significance of this programme

This project will be looking to skill the Indian population overseas thus providing the world with a large workforce from India who is skilled. TEJAS project will create a pathway between UAE and India. Through this project’s implementation pathways will be created between India and the UAE enabling the Indian workforce according to the needs of the UAE market.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for this project

The MoU for this project was signed between the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) of India and Dulsco, EFS, FutureMilez, Artificial Intelligence Organization, EDI, Lulu International Exchange, and Prime Health Group which are all based in the Gulf countries.

About National Skill Development Corporation

NSDC is an Indian not-for-profit company that was incorporated in 2008. The aim of NSDC is the promotion of skill development through the creation of various vocational institutions. This organization also provides funding to scale up as well as to build vocational training initiatives that are profitable. The headquarter of this organization is located in New Delhi and A M Naik is the current chairman.



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