Switzerland partner country for BioAsia 2020

The 17th edition of BioAsia will be held in the capital city of Telangana, Hyderabad from 17th to 19th February.
Switzerland will be partner country as informed by the Principal Secretary of Industries and Commerce and Information Technology of Government of Telangana, Jayesh Ranjan.
The theme for 17th edition of BioAsia: Today for Tomorrow
Switzerland has a health technology ecosystem of over 1,400 companies and 58,000 professionals, the sector generated 15.8 billion Swiss Franc revenue in 2018. Switzerland’s medicine technology industry contributes 2.3 percent of the overall countries GDP. Switzerland’s biotechnology industry has 312 companies registered that generate a 4 billion Swiss Franc, also the Swiss biotech industry invests 1.5 billion in research and development every year.

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