Sulabh International launchs India’s first sewer cleaning machine to put an end to unsafe manual scavenging

The Sulabh International has launched India’s first sewer cleaning machine to put an end to the unsafe manual scavenging and to reduce sewer deaths. The machine will do away with 99% of manual scavenging in the country. With the help of sewer cleaning machine, a safai karamchari” (manual cleaner) won’t have to enter the sewers. But if the need arises and a person has to go, then the machine is fully equipped with gas checking machine, protective gears and dress to protect the workers from harmful gases. The new machine is ideal for periodic mechanical desilting of manholes and to flush out sewer lines using the powerful jetting pump capable of producing 150 bar operating pressure and a flow of 150 litres per minute. It is electro-hydraulically operated, with personal protective devices and a quick-view pipe inspection camera which extends up to 20 feet. The machine, which costs Rs 43 lakh, was unveiled on the occasion of World Toilet Day (WTD) 2018 by the mayors of all the three Municipal Corporations of Delhi (MCD), in the presence of Sulabh International founder Dr Bindeshwar Pathak.

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