Starship Static Fire Test of SpaceX

The Starship is a reusable rocket developed by SpaceX. The company has huge plans for the rocket. NASA will use Starship rockets to land its astronauts on the moon during the Artemis III mission. SpaceX recently completed the static fire test successfully.

What is Static Fire Test?

During the test, the engines of the rockets are fired to their fullest thrust. And launch mount holds the launch vehicle firmly. Scientists measure the pressure, propellant flow gradients, and temperature during the test. It is a wet dress rehearsal. Meaning, the liquid propellants are loaded during the test.

What is special about SpaceX’s recent tests?

SpaceX fired all its 33 engines at once. Earlier the company tested only 14 engines. This time it ignited all 33 engines to test the performance of the rocket. To carry astronauts to the moon and to other planets and return back, the rockets should have enough fuel and high power. This is why SpaceX tested all its 33 engines together.

Raptor engines in Starship

The Starship rockets run on raptor engines. These engines are powered by liquid oxygen and cryogenic liquid methane. Cryogenic means the fuels require very low storage temperatures.



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