Soliga ecarinata: New Wasp named after Soliga Community

The Biligri Rangana hills are located in the Western Ghats. That is, in the state of Karnataka. A group of researchers found a new wasp species in the region. The new wasp species has been named after the Soliga community of the region. The wasp belongs to the family of Ichneumonidae. A subfamily of the wasp is Metopiinae.

Name Ecarinata

The name Ecarinata was given to the species as it does not have ridges in some parts of its body. The species was colorful and distinct.

Name Soliga

Soliga is an ethnic tribal community living in the region. They are also called Sholaga, Solega, and Sholaga. They dwell in the southern Karnataka region. The language of the community of Sholga. The language is Dravidian. Indian law categorizes them as Scheduled Tribes. Soliga plays a vital role in conserving the BRT Wildlife Sanctuary. BRT is Biligiri Ranganatha Swamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary. This wildlife corridor connects the eastern and western Ghats. The site is known for Elephant bathing, bird watching, and forest safari. It is home to tigers, bovines, etc.


The species was invented during the expedition conducted by the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE).



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