Smart Cities Mission: Integrated Command and Control Centres to be used for COVID-19

The Municipalities are now using the Integrated Command and Control Centres built under “Smart Cities” mission as war rooms of COVID-19.


The smart cities in India such as Pune, Varanasi, Surat, Bengaluru and other cities have started to use the Integrated Command and Control Centres built under the Smart Cities Mission to fight against COVID-19. They are being used to keep tabs on people under quarantine. They are now called as “COVID-19 War Rooms”.

How is the mission helpful for COVID-19?

The Smart Cities Mission now helps in surveillance of public places, GPS tracking of Health care workers, GID mapping of COVID-19 patients. It also helps in predictive analysis of virus containment in different zones of the city. This is being done through heat maps. The programme also helps in real time tracking of ambulance, tele-counselling, tele-medicine, disinfection services and its tracking and virtual training to healthcare professionals and doctors.

Successful initiatives of Smart Cities programme to fight COVID-19

  • The Pune Smart City Development Corporation launched an integrated dashboard. The dashboard will monitor quarantine facilities, health care workers.
  • Safe Kashi App developed by Varanasi Municipal corporation. The application provides information about every order being passed by the local government. It also provides the dos and don’ts for the public to stay safe.


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