September 29: World Heart Day

Every year, the World Heart Day is observed on September 29. The day is observed to create awareness about cardio vascular diseases. It was initiated by World Heart Foundation.


The day is important as cardio vascular diseases are the leading cause of death that claims 17.9 million lives a year. Also, the day is important as it spreads awareness on ill effects of consumption of tobacco, physical inactivity and unhealthy diet. With these precautions alone, the world can prevent 80% of premature deaths from heart diseases.

India’s measures

  • The National Health Policy of India launched in 2017 aims to reduce the mortality from Cardio Vascular Diseases, diabetes, cancer and chronic respiratory diseases to 25% by 2025
  • National Programme for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes and Cardio vascular diseases and was launched in 2010. The programme focuses on early diagnosis, health promotion and management. The key features of the programme are as follows
    • Health Promotion through behavioural change
    • Outreach camps for opportunistic screening
    • Managing chronic non-communicable diseases, stokes, diabetes, Cardio Vascular Diseases and cancer.
    • To provide support to diagnosis and cost-effective treatment

Sustainable Development Goal

The Non-Communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease threatens progress of 2030 agenda of sustainable development. One of the targets of SDG is to reduce premature deaths from Non-Communicable Diseases by one-third by 2030.

Heart Diseases in India

In India, more urbanised states face higher risks of cardiovascular diseases. Kerala faces the highest risk of 19.5% followed by Jharkhand at 13.5%. In North, South and North East the Body Mass Index is higher. This has led to increased hypertension and diabetes.

Smoking is another major cause of cardiovascular diseases in India, especially among poorer states such as Jharkhand.

Lifestyle and dietary pattern are other factors that play major role in these variations.


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