Second Edition of Maritime SheEO Conference

Second edition of the Maritime SheEO digital conference is scheduled to held on November 25, 2021.

Key Points

  • The conference will be held to celebrate change makers, diversity, and sustainable solutions.
  • It has been conceptualised by Sanjam Sahi Gupta, who is the Founder of Maritime SheEO.

Keynote speakers of conference

Keynote speakers of the conference include:

  1. Kitack Lim, who is Secretary General of International Maritime Organization (IMO)
  2. Natasa Pilides, who is Minister of Energy, Commerce, & Industry of Republic of Cyprus
  3. Bjornar Selnes Skjæran, who is Minister of Fisheries & Ocean Policy of Norway.

Navigating your career scheme

The conference will comprise of four screens to stream content. One of the screens is dedicated to ‘Navigating Your Career’. It also comprises of few closed sessions as well. In closed sessions, people can learn to have conversations in a safe environment.

Maritime SheEO

Maritime SheEO offers services focusing on business case for diversity. It aims to create solutions which can impact ‘maritime and allied industries’. It also focuses on diversity & inclusion (D&I), innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship and competitive advantage. It works to create a level playing field and environment conducive for women in order for them to rise to leadership positions. It works with the objective of increasing participation of women and reduce all forms of biases in Maritime Industry.


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