Russia to quit International Space Station after 2024

Russia is all set to exit the International Space Station after 2024. Russia took this decision after escalation of tensions between Russia and the West due to Russian military intervention in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia.

  • Russia and the United States have been working side by side on the International Space Station since 1998, when it was deployed.
  • Space exploration was among few areas where cooperation between United States and Russia and other allies was not affected due to tensions over Ukraine.
  • Russia is likely to focus on building its own space station.

The International Space Station;

  • is jointly run by space agencies of US, Russia, Japan, Canada and Europe.
  • It was first placed in orbit in 1998. It is continuously inhibiting since last 22 years.
  • The space station is used to carry scientific research in zero gravity and test other equipment for future space missions.
  • NASA and other space partners will keep space station running until 2030.

Soviet Space Programme:

It was the national space program of former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). The programme was running from 1955 until 1991, when Soviet Union was disintegrated. Soviet research started with establishment of a research laboratory in 1921. It could not be successful due to World War II in 1940s. Soviet space program was significant in making many firsts, such as-

  • It launched the first satellite through first intercontinental missile and
  • Sent first animal in Earth orbit in 1957.
  • It also placed the first human in space in 1961.



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