Ravana-1 Launched into Orbit

Ravana-1 which is the first satellite of Sri Lanka was successfully launched into orbit from International Space Station.


  • Ravana-1 has been designed by two Sri Lankan engineers studying space engineering at Japan s Kyushu Institute of Technology.
  • The satellite is expected to fulfil five missions which include capturing of pictures of Sri Lanka and surrounding regions, active attitude stabilization which ensures that satellite s attitude is stable under the influence of external talks.
  • The satellite has placed at a 400-km of orbit at an inclination of 51.6 degrees using the JAXA (Japanese Aerospace and Exploration Agency)
  • The satellite launched through Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency was sent to the ISS through the assistance of Cygnus-1 spacecraft from the US.

With a minimum lifespan of one and a half years, Ravana-1 is expected to be active for up to five years.