Rajasthan Handicrafts Policy-2022

The Rajasthan cabinet has recently approved the “Rajasthan Handicrafts Policy-2022”. Through this policy, work will be done for the upliftment of handicrafts in the state and participation in the development of the state will be ensured by empowering them.


  • With this policy, new employment opportunities will increase in the state. Along with this, the extinct handicrafts will be revived.
  • Under this, a national level handicrafts week will be organized every year in December, in which handicraftsmen will be rewarded.
  • At the same time, e-marketing, social security, loan facility, scholarship, assistance for participation in fairs, expansion of infrastructure facilities in Shilp Gram, Handicraft Park, Museum, Design Center, Sales Center for brand building of handicrafts.
  • There will be many important works like support, design bank establishment. The government will also create an online platform to help artisans sell their products.
  • Provision will be made by government departments to buy products up to Rs 10 lakh from registered artisans through e-market without tender.
  • A Handicraft Design Center will also be set up in Jodhpur to study the techniques and designs used in other states and countries so as to promote new techniques or processes for the products in the state. This center will be set up as a ‘Centre of Excellence’.



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