102. Socio-economic Condition in 18th century India

With reference to 18th century India, what has been termed as Jagirdari Crisis?
  1. A general sense of personal insecurity among aristocrats
  2. Unusually high number of Mansabdars and Jagirdars
Select the correct option from the codes given below:
Consider the following statements in context with the various currencies circulated in Bengal in the later half of 18th century:
1. The values of the currencies widely fluctuated
2. The British insisted on payment of revenue in their own currency
3. The native currency was used at a rebate
Which among the above was / were the reasons that increased the problems of Indian traders and peasants as Tax Payers?
Which of the following was not a major import of India during 18th century?
Which of the following was the most important industry of India in the 18th century?
The term "Tol" was used for which of the following during 18th century India?