Indian Geography - Climate, Climatic Regions, Rains, Monsoon, Winds

The concept of differential heating was primarily given to explain which of the following geographical phenomena in India?
Which among the following cities of India does not fall in Torrid Zone?
Which of the following Monsoons account for most of the rainfall in India?
In which of the following seasons, brief squalls and thunderstorms known as Kalbaisakhi, or Nor’westers, often occur in West Bengal?
What would be the influence on the weather conditions when in mid-winter a feeble high pressure develops over the North-Western part of India?
1. High and dry winds would blow outward from this high-pressure area.
2. The Northern plain would become cold.
3. Scorching winds (locally called loo) would blow during the day time.
4. There would be torrential rains brought by thunderstorms.
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

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