32. Human Body - Urinary System

Multiple Choice Questions and Trivia on Human Body – Urinary System in Biology. Objective Biology Questions on Human Body – Urinary System for AP Biology, SSC, PCS, UPSC, NEET, CBSE /UGC NET, CSIR NET, Class IX, X, XI and XII Students.

In which among the following organ, “Bowman’s Capsule” is found?
Where does the formation of Urea takes place in our body ?
What would be the percentage of Glucose in the Urine of a healthy person?
Bowman’s Capsule’ works as a part of the functional unit of which among the following human physiological system?
Which of the following are included in the organs of the human excretory system? 1. A pair of kidneys 2. A pair of ureters 3. A urinary bladder 4. A urethra Select the codes above:

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