28 - Overview of Banking Business

Banking Awareness Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Answers with explanation on Overview of Banking Business for IBPS Bank PO, IBPS Bank Clerical, RRB PO and Clerical, SBI PO and SBI Clerical, IBPS Recruitments, RBI Grade B and RBI Bank

1. Which of the following is the feature of the commercial paper?

[A] It is an additional instrument to the investing community.
[B] It is an unsecured instrument issued in the form of promissory note.
[C] The highly rated corporate borrowers can raise short term funds through this instrument.
[D] All of the above

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2. Which of the following is used for International Monetary Transfer?

[D] None of these

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3. Which of the following items is not related with e-banking?

[A] Demand draft

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4. What is OTP in credit card transaction?

[A] Odd Transaction Password
[B] Owner is Trading Pass code
[C] One Time Password
[D] One Time Pincode

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5. Which of the following is not the fund based business of commercial banks?

[A] D.P. Operation
[B] Loans
[C] Deposits
[D] Depositing Bills

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6. Which one among the following has not started commercial banking?


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7. The merger of which of the following was the first M and A activity after liberalization?

[A] GTB and Oriental Bank of Commerce
[B] Times Bank and HDFC Bank
[C] New Bank of India and Punjab National Bank
[D] ICICI and ICICI Bank

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8. What is the maturity period of Treasury Bill?

[A] 91 Days
[B] 364 Days
[C] Both (a) and (b)
[D] None of these

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9. Which one is not a finance company?

[A] Hire-purchase finance company
[B] Mutual Benefit finance companies
[D] Loan companies

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10. Which of the following limits the power of credit creation by Commercial Bank?

[A] Fiscal Policy
[B] Banking Loan
[C] Business Possession
[D] None of the above

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