6. Agriculture, Irrigation, Seeds, Fertilizers and other Inputs

General Knowledge Test with questions on Role of Agriculture in Indian Economy for UPSC, SSC, Banking, UPPSC, RPSC, KAS, MPSC, MPPSC etc. Examinations.

Which among the following fertilizers is least likely to affect the Soil pH?
Highest percentage of nitrogen is found in which among the following fertilizers among the given options?
Which among the following is the largest source of irrigation in India, apart from rains?
Which among the following revolutions is related to ‘fertilizers’?
Consider the following: 
  1. Minor Irrigation Scheme: CCA less than 2000 Hectares 
  2. Medium Irrigation Scheme : CCA more than 2000 Hectares but less than 10000 Hectares 
  3. Major Irrigation Scheme : CCA more than 10000 Hectares 
Which among the above statements is / are correct?

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