On which of the following waterways of India, India’s first river information system (RIS) is to be deployed in August 2015?
[A]National Waterway-1
[B]National Waterway-2
[C]National Waterway-3
[D]National Waterway-4

National Waterway-1
India will deploy its first world-class river information system (RIS) in Sagar-Farakka section of National Waterway (NW) 1. This RIS will work like air traffic control to ensure smooth flow of vessels and cargo on the waterway. This waterway runs from Haldia (Sagar) to Allahabad across Ganges, Bhagirathi and Hooghly river system. Several companies including thermal power plants, cement and fertiliser companies, and Food Corporation of India have expressed interest in using NW 1 as a cheap and clean form of transport.