Quiz 717: GK Questions for Tripura High Court Judicial Services Exams

This quiz has 10 General Knowledge / GK Questions for Tripura High Court Judicial Services Exams based on syllabus of GK of Competition examinations and previous years question papers.

The positions of the star Polaris, which lies approximately at the north pole of earth changes slowly due to which among the following movements of earth?
Which five year plan of India is called “Industry and Transport” plan?
The provision of extra liquidity to an illiquid but a presumably solvent bank by the central bank. This function is performed by which of the following ?
Which among the following ratio correctly denotes the Insurance Penetration?
Consider the following Statements regarding Sethusamudram Project :
  1. The project involves digging a 83 km long deepwater channel linking the shallow water of the Palk Strait with the Gulf of Mannar.
  2. Government of India plans to break limestone shells &shores to the infinity called Adam’s Bridge or Ram sethu as part of implementation of this project.
Which of the above Statement(s) is/are true ?
Choose the correct statement:
Which of the following can a court issue for enforcement of Fundamental Rights ?
Which of the following is the largest invertebrate?
Which of the following periods marks the start of the worship of idols in India?

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