Quiz 649 : Madhya Pradesh General Knowledge for MPPSC Examinations


‘Hindola palace’ also called ‘Swinging palace’ is located in which district of Madhya Pradesh?

Hindola Mahal a ‘T’ shaped building is said to be built by Hoshang Shah, around A.D. 1425 as a Durbar hall or meeting hall at mandu. Hindola mahal, Baz Bahadur’s Palace, Hoshang Shah’s Tomb and Jahaz mahal are few famous sites located at Mandu city of Dhar district.



Which of the following places is not located in Madhya Pradesh?
[A]Fort of asirgarh
[B]Ginnorgarh Fort
[D]Garh Kundar

Mangi-Tungi is a twin-pinnacled peak with plateau in between located at Nashik district in Maharastra. Fort of asirgarh in Burhanpur district Ginnorgarh Fort in Raisen district Garh Kundar is a fort in Tikamgarh district.



Which of the following district is not included in course path of Narmada River?

Narmada flows in western, eastern and southern Madhya Pradesh; Vidisha is part of north central Madhya pradesh



Which of the following is not a UNESCO world heritage site of Madhya Pradesh?
[A]Khajuraho groups of monuments
[B]Rock shelters of Bhimbetka
[C]Buddhist monuments of Sanchi
[D]Udyagiri caves of vidisha

Udyagiri caves of vidisha
Buddhist monuments of Sanchi – received UNESCO world heritage site status on UNESCO on January 24, 1989, Bhimbetka in 2003 and Khajuraho on 15 Oct 1982.



Which of the following rivers do not originate in Madhya Pradesh?

Banas River rises from Aravalli range in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan. Chambal at Mhow town in Indore district Shipra at kakri bardi hill of Vindhya Range in dhar district Wainganga from Satpura range of Seoni district.



Which of the following districts of Madhya Pradesh do not touch any other state of India?
[A]Ashok Nagar

Ashok Nagar – It touches with Uttar Pradesh. Shivpuri- It touches with Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh Khandwa touches with Maharashtra.



How many Biosphere Reserves situated in Madhya Pradesh are included in World Network of Biosphere Reserve based on UNESCO,Man and Biosphere Reserve program?

World Network of Biosphere Reserves currently counts 651 biosphere reserves in 120 countries all over the world.Out of 18 Biosphere reserve in India 9 are covered under the scheme.Total 3 Biosphere Reserve located in Madhya Pradesh out of which two are covered under the scheme.Panchmari Biosphere Reserve and Achanakmar-Amarkantak Biosphere Reserve are covered under the scheme.The third Biosphere Reserve of M.P is Panna Biosphere Reserve which is not included under the scheme.



‘Malanjkhand mine’ located in Madhya Pradesh is associated with which mineral?

Malanjkhand mines located in Balaghat district comprises a large body of copper ore.



‘Bhagoria’ is a folk dance for which tribe of Madhya Pradesh?

Bhil-Bhagoria Gond and Baiga- Karma Sahariya-Lahangi



‘Kumar Gandharva award’ of Madhya Pradesh is associated with?

Kumar Gandharva was a famous Hindustani classical singer from Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh who died in 1992.Kumar Gandharva award was founded by MP Gov in 1992-93.