Quiz 563: Current Affairs 2011

1. The Government of India is planning to establish a new independent nuclear safety regulatory authority. Who among the following will head this new authority?
[A]Prime Minister
[C]Minister of Science & Technology
[D]A professional with extensive experience in atomic energy

2. Recently, a consensus has been reached for which among the following names for West Bengal?
[B]Bongo State

3. Immediately before his resignation following the impeachment process started in Rajya Sabha, Justice Soumitra Sen was Judge at which among the following courts?
[A]Jharkhand High Court
[B]Calcutta High Court
[C]Guwahati High Court
[D]Odisha High Court

4. India’s Jwala Gutta and Aswini Ponnappa play which among the following sports?
[B]Table Tennis
[C]Law Tennis
[D]None of them

5. What is the current foreign direct investment cap in Insurance sector in India?

6. Which among the following country has recently emerged as Largest Personal-Computer Market of the world ?

7. Recently, Credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s has said that there is no immediate threat to India’s sovereign debt rating . What is S&P sovereign debt rating of India at present?

8. The Rajiv Gandhi action plan, put forward by the late Leader in 1988 is related to which among the following?
[A]Environment Protection
[B]Nuclear Disarmament
[C]Information Technology
[D]Multilateral Trade

9. Which among the following countries constitute the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) ?
[A]India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar
[B]India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar
[C]India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Nepal
[D]India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Nepal and Bhutan

10. As per the latest data released by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), which among the following states leads in Teledensity in India?
[D]Himachal Pradesh

11. With which among the following names, the Akula-II class Nerpa nuclear attack submarine procured from Russia will be inducted in Indian Navy ?
[A]INS Gati
[B]INS Durga
[C]INS Chakra
[D]INS Maurya

12. “Daps one” immunotherapy is related to which among the following diseases?

13. The most distant NASA probe ever powered by the sun, has been sent to which among the following planets?

14. World’s tallest Tower “Kingdom Tower” is coming up in which among the following cities?

15. Polymetallic Modules (PMN) predominantly contain_____?