Quiz 543: GK Questions for UPSC Civil Services, IFS and other Exams

As per the Nehru Report, the composition of India’s parliament was as follows:
As per the provisions of the Article 94 of the Constitution of India, whenever the Lok Sabha is dissolved, the office of the Speaker becomes vacant at which among the following time?
As recorded by Abul Fazl, Akbar, used to play which among the following music instruments?
At which among the following conferences, a 34 point resolution was passed by which the Indian National Army was made subordinate to the Indian Independence League?
 International Rubber Study Group is located at?
At which among the following places, India’s fertilizer industry made a very humble beginning in 1906, when the first manufacturing unit of Single Super Phosphate (SSP) was set up there?
At which among the following places, Jayaprakash Narayan had convened the first All India Congress Socialists Conference in 1934?
At which among the following places, National Flag was hoisted for the First time in India.?
Before Mahatma Gandhi, who among the following had devised the Doctrine of Passive Resistance by leading a “No-rent Campaign” the form of non-payment of the taxes as it would breach the legal obligation and will be a direct defiance of the administrative authority?
Benzoepin, Parrysulfan, Phaser, Thiodan, Thionex etc. are the names of which among the following pesticides?

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