Postal Stamp dedicated to Nabin Chandra Das, inventor of Rosogolla launched in West Bengal

A postal stamp dedicated to Nabin Chandra Das, inventor of Rosogolla was launched on the inaugural day of the three-day festival, Bagbazar-O-Rosogolla Utsob marking the 150th year of its invention.

Bagbazar-O-Rasogolla Utsob

Bagbazar O Rosogolla Utsob, a three-day Rosogolla Utsav is being held at Bagbazar, Kolkata as a tribute to Nabin Chandra Das, inventor of Rosogolla. The statue of Nabin Chandra Das was also unveiled during the inaugural programme.

Tussle between Bengal and Odisha over Rosogolla

The battle over the ownership of Rosogolla started in 2015 when the government of West Bengal applied for the GI tag for the sweet. Odisha contested the West Bengal claim by narrating Rosogolla has a 600-year-old history in Odhisa.
Odhisa even cited mythological stories to claim that Lord Jagannath had offered kheer mohana to an angry Goddess Lakshmi in order to appease her and this kheer mohana later became Pahala Rosogolla.
The GI authorities ruled in the favour of West Bengal. The Odisha has now applied to get GI tag for a variant of Rosogolla, the Odishara Rosogolla.

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