PARVAZ Market Linkage scheme- Key Facts

Government of Jammu & Kashmir launched the “PARVAZ Market Linkage Scheme” recently. This is an innovative Market Linkage scheme, having tremendous potential to uplift the economic conditions of farmers across Jammu and Kashmir.

About PARVAZ Market Linkage Scheme:

  • The PARVAZ scheme was launched with the aim of creating market linkage support for shipment of Agriculture & Horticulture perishables from Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Under the scheme, government will provide a subsidy of 25% on freight charges, in a bid to carry perishable fruits through Air Cargo. Subsidy will be provided to farmers through Direct Benefit Transfer mode.
  • Scheme is being implemented by Jammu & Kashmir Horticultural Produce Marketing and Processing Corporation (JKHPMC).
  • JKHPMC is spreading awareness among farmers regarding the significance of PARVAZ scheme so that they could benefit from it.

Significance of the Scheme:

Government has made the documentation work related to scheme simple and easy. Farmers will get the subsidy on time, under the scheme. This scheme seeks to benefit the farmers in doubling their income. Thus, it will ensure economic and social welfare of the farmers. They will receive the price of their produce directly in bank account and no intermediary will get involved.



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