Over 1100 Personnel Receive Gallantry, Service Medals

The Ministry of Home Affairs announced Gallantry and Service medals for 1132 personnel across police, fire, civil defense and correctional services ahead of India’s 75th Republic Day celebrations. The awards recognize brave and distinguished service to the nation.

Categories of Awards

The awards are classified into 4 categories – President’s Medal for Gallantry, Medal for Gallantry, President’s Medal for Distinguished Service and Medal for Meritorious Service. Together they honor acts of bravery in the line of duty as well as valuable service upholding security and public safety. The categorization aims to streamline the recognition process focused on core areas.

Number of Gallantry Medals Awarded

277 personnel have been honored with Gallantry Medals, consisting of 2 President’s Medal for Gallantry and 275 Medal for Gallantry awards. They mark rare or conspicuous acts of courage undertaken during duties, often risking one’s own life.

Regional Distribution of Awards

The Gallantry Medals recipients largely hail from left-wing extremism hit states (119 awardees) and Jammu and Kashmir (133 awardees) alongside some awardees from other parts of India, recognizing personnel tackling security challenges across regions.

Range of Services Represented

The 277 Gallantry medals represent services ranging from state police forces and Central Armed Police Forces to border guarding forces like the SSB and BSF, including some posthumous awards to personnel martyred in the line of duty.

Number of Distinguished Service Medals

102 President’s Medal for Distinguished Service have been announced to recognize remarkable service records of police and fire service officials going beyond the call of duty to uphold law and public order.

Number of Meritorious Service Medals

753 personnel from police, fire, civil defense/home guards and prisons have been awarded Medal for Meritorious Service for committed service to society, showing grit, initiative and selflessness.

Significance of the Awards

The 2024 Republic Day Gallantry and Service medals highlight personnel tackling tough law and order environments, risky operations and challenging duties with courage and dedication, upholding security, safety and stability across India.



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