Odisha Tribal Health Observatory (TriHOb)

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between Regional Medical Research Centre (RMRC) and ST & SC Development Department to establish a Tribal Health Observatory (TriHOb) in the state of Odisha.

Does any other state of India have a tribal health observatory?

This TriHOb is the first in India. This observatory will be looking to establish a depository regarding the health of all the tribal populations in Odisha.

Who are the signatories of this MoU?

This MoU has been signed between Dr. Sanghamita Pati, Director of RMRC, ICMR, and Ranjana Chopra, Principal Secretary, ST & SC Dev. Department.

Why has this observatory been launched?

This observatory has been launched to establish a storehouse of the sort that will help to store information regarding the health of the tribal population of the state. It has been designed to be a policy-oriented, evidence-based, and virtually established centre that will perform systematic observation on issues such as health-seeking behaviour, disease burden, and the healthcare delivery system regarding Odisha’s tribal health.

What survey was launched during the signing of the MoU event?

Sushmita Bagchi, the chairperson of the ‘Mo School’ Abhiyan launched a tribal family health survey named ‘Odisha Tribal Family Health Survey’ among the state’s indigenous communities.

What is the purpose of launching the ‘Odisha Tribal Family Health Survey?’

This is a first-of-its-kind survey of the tribal communities in India. Through this survey, health and demographic data will be collected and made available to make various policies. This study will also help in furthering the longitudinal cohort studies and their implementation. This study will generate an idea regarding the reach of the various policies and health programmes in the tribal areas of the state and will also help by suggesting any course correction that may be required.

What is the aim of Odisha’s ‘Mo School’ Abhiyan?

The ‘Mo School’ Abhiyan was launched in the year 2017. This initiative has the aim of creating a platform for the people to collaborate, connect, and contribute to rebuild the government as well as the government-aided schools in the state.



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