November 16: National Press Day

National Press Day is observed every year on November 16, to commemorate the presence of responsible and independent press in India.

Key Points

  • The day also marks the establishment of Press Council of India as well as a day it started operating as a statutory and quasi-judicial establishment.
  • Press and Media has a big responsibility in helping India to evolve as vibrant democracy. Journalists and members of press act as a mirror to the society. They bring out the truth with no fear and without favour for or against any governmental agency or private entity.

History of the Day

National Press Day is celebrated in India as a day to commemorate the establishment of the Press Council of India. Proposal to set up Press Council of India (PCI) was put first at the meeting of Press Commission in 1956. PCI was envisioned as an independent watchdog of the press, at the meeting. Following several discussions, PCI came into being on November 16, 1966. Since then, PCI has been working as an agency to monitor quality of reportage provided by Indian Press.

Theme of national press day

Theme for National Press Day 2021 is ‘Who is Not Afraid of Media?’

How this day was celebrated?

Press Council of India held function at the Constitution Club of India, as a part of New Delhi. The celebration was graced by Eminent Journalist and Author Mr Swaminathan Gurumurthy, as the Guest of Honour & Keynote Speaker.


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