NIPER institutes at the NIRF rankings

The Ministry of Human Resources and Development recently released the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF). IIT Madras had topped the list.

The NIPER (National Institutes of Pharmaceutical Education and Research) institutes this year have shown great improvements in the ranking.


The annual ranking is released in categories namely colleges, universities, law, dental, architecture, management, engineering, pharmacy and medicine.

Under pharmacy, the NIPERs have shown great improvements. Out of seven NIPERs in the country, SAS Nagar NIPER at Mohali retained its third position. The NIPER at Ahmedabad and Hyderabad improved a rank from 2019. They are now in 5th and 8th positions respectively.


While the country fighting with COVID-19 and struggling to find a cure, the NIPER institutes have greater roles. Their improvement in rankings clearly sends signals about the improving performances to the cause of research and innovation in the field of medical devices and pharmaceuticals. This is promptly the current need of the moment.


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