National Social Organisations and Institutions Meet (NSOIM) to be Held

The India International Science Festival (IISF) will host the National Social Organisations and Institutions Meet (NSOIM) from January 17-19, 2024 in Faridabad. This event brings together science, technology and society to spur grassroots development.

India International Science Festival (IISF)

  • The India International Science Festival (IISF) is a joint effort between multiple government science bodies including the Ministries of Science and Technology, Earth Sciences, Space and Atomic Energy.
  • The core goal of IISF is promoting scientific awareness and engagement with the general public in an enjoyable way that connects science to prosperity and quality of life.
  • Through its creative programs and initiatives that bring together domestic and international stakeholders spanning the scientific community and common citizens, IISF offers a platform for collaborative participation in furthering scientific endeavors for national and human progress.
  • By making science accessible and showing how it impacts people’s lives, IISF aims to build scientific temper and use it as a means towards positive transformation of both India and humanity. Its inventive events and participation opportunities unite science, society and nation building.

Connecting Science to Communities

Organized by National Innovation Foundation’s DST-SEED Division and VibhaVani India, NSOIM-2023 builds bridges between innovation and India’s communities. It highlights homegrown science that transforms lives.

Focus on Grassroots Tech Innovations

NSOIM-2023 has the theme of “Technological Innovations for Grassroots Development.” It will exhibit India’s best bottom-up science changing rural areas.

To highlight impactful grassroots innovations, NSOIM-2023 will be conferring honors to 15 exceptional development models that have significantly uplifted and empowered local communities. The awards aim to acknowledge creative bottom-up approaches and technologies that have enabled access, livelihoods, amenities or environmental rejuvenation at the village level.

Key Announcements Planned

A key highlight of NSOIM-2023 will be the unveiling of the NSOIM Declaration. This declaration is a firm pledge to promote partnerships and pioneering solutions leveraging science and technology for grassroots social progress.

Through this declaration, stakeholders across academia, research, industry, government and social organizations will come together to formally commit themselves to enabling innovation ecosystems that nurture affordable and appropriate technologies to uplift communities at the bottom of the pyramid.

Digital Handbook Launch

A handbook called “Navonmesh-2” will be released to guide nation-building entities towards resources and insights that create impact.

Call for Collective Action

NSOIM urges all who believe in using technology for public good to join forces towards a self-reliant India. It aims to align science, enterprise and action to enable inclusive national development.

Partnerships to Address Real Issues

By converging stakeholders from research, academia, industry and social organizations, NSOIM fosters networks that design solutions improving lives on the ground.



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