National Good Governance Day

To honour the former Prime Minister of India and Bharat Ratna, Atal Bihar Vajpayee,  his birth anniversary- 25th December, was chosen by the Government of India to be observed as the National Good Governance Day every year for creating awareness among the citizens of the country for accountability in the Governance. First observed in the year 2014, the day is observed for providing an accountable and transparent government that is based on providing development and betterment for the citizens of the country. The day is also observed for reminding all forms of government in the country (National,  State and Local- Municipality and Panchayat level) that they should be impartial, and the development and betterment works should reach and cover people from all the sectors of the society.

Good Governance is a measure of certain characteristics of a Government, they are- participatory, accountable, responsive to the needs of the people, transparent in its approach, efficient and effective, consensus responsive, equitable and inclusive, and follows the law by working as per the constitution.  The Government must assure that the: minorities are taken into account, corruption is minimized, voices of the most vulnerable are heard in the society for decision making.

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