National Gender Index

NITI Aayog is working on development of a “National Gender Index”, that will be used to measure the progress and identify persisting gaps in gender equality in order to make informed policy decisions.


NITI Aayog in its latest annual report 2021-2022 noted that, National Gender Index will serve as a tool to map the progress of states and Union Territories (UTs) on a defined gender metrics and build foundation for positive change. It will support the policy action and advocacy around gender. This index will also be aligned with the framework of Sustainable Development Goals.

Draft State Energy and Climate Index

NITI Aayog has also developed a draft State Energy and Climate Index. This index will assess the performance of states on indicators like DISCOMs’ viability and competition; clean energy Initiative; access, affordability and reliability of energy; generation capacity; energy efficiency; and environmental sustainability and new initiatives. It will also help states in efficiently manage their energy resources and provide better access of energy to the people.

Gender equality

Gender equality is an issue of human dignity & respect as well as greater global prosperity. Gender equality across health, education, politics, and economic participation is necessary to build more inclusive economies worldwide. Sustainable development goals cannot be achieved if half of the world’s population does not get involved as the other half.

Gender Equality in India

In the Global Gender Gap Report by World Economic Forum, India has slipped 28 places to rank 140th out of 156 countries. Thus, it become the third-worst performer in South Asia. As per report, India has managed to close 62.5 per cent of its gender gap till date. In 2020 report, it was ranked 112th among 153 countries.



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