Indo-Islamic Architecture at Sasaram

Sasaram in Bihar was the base of Shershah Suri, who declared independence from the Lodi Dynasty in 1535 and established the Sur Dynasty. In 1540, he defeated Humayun of the Mughal Empire and held hegemony in northern India entirely. But his death amid the warfare led to the destruction of Sasaram by Humayun.

Mausoleum of Shershah

Sasaram represents a stage just before the development of Mughal Architecture. The place is known for the Mausoleum of the Afghan tiger Sher Shah. The mausoleum was erected on a square podium on an island-like square stylobate, created in an artificial lake.

It attains 46m in height and the inside diameter of its dome is 22m, the inner volume of which is the largest in northern India.

This mausoleum was made in sandstone and it appreciated as one of the best octagonal mausoleums in India due to its good proportion and brilliant formation arranging two tiered chhatris, which are analogs of the main dome.

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