Modernization of signaling systems in Indian Railways

On December 23, 2019, Ministry of Railways announced that Indian Railways is set to receive modern signaling systems. According to the ministry, it is one of the most ambitious projects of Indian Railways. This is because the project improves safety, line capacity allowing trains to run at higher speeds.


The plan will be implemented after approval from NITI Aayog, CCEA (Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs) and Extended Board of Railways. The cost of implementation of the programme is estimated to be Rs 77,912 crores and has been included in Works Programme.

The work includes Automatic Train Protection System, Electronic Interlocking System, Remote Diagnostic and Predictive Maintenance System, Centralized Traffic Control System and Train Management System.

The modernization work is to be implemented in 640 routes. RailTel will be the nodal agency to implement the project on behalf of Indian Railways.


The Automatic Train Protection system includes systems that check speed of train, automatic stops, and activates emergency brakes. The Centralised Traffic Control System controls rail interlockings. In this system, all the signal locations are integrated at a single location. This increases the efficiency of operation of railway within an operating territory.


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