Mobile euthanasia programme by “Right to Die” group in Netherlands

A mobile euthanasia programme launched in the Netherlands has become recent point of controversy. In Netherlands a specialized team is sent out house-to-house to aid patients finish their lives. The project has elicited acute critique from doctors. The project is the brainchild of the Dutch predominately donor-funded pro-mercy killing group: “Right to Die” NL.

The Netherland’s Government in its 2002 decision legalised Euthanasia. Thus, Netherlands was the first nation in the world to legalize Euthanasia.

After the scheme was declared in February 2012, the “Right to Die” group has received around 70 phone calls from potential assisted suicide patients and the Team expects around 1,000 requests every year. The mobile units of “Right to Die” comprise of doctors and nurses particularly trained in executing self-annihilation. The procedure adopted by them involves firstly injecting the patient with a sleep-inducing drug and then to stop heart and lung function barbiturates are given.



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