Ministry of Ayush signs MoU to promote medical travel value

Ayush ministry and ITDC signed an agreement to promote medical value travel. ITDC is India Tourism Development Corporation. The entities plan to increase the value of Ayurveda. The government of India has been pushing traditional medicines for more than a decade. However, citizens started to look at their benefits only after COVID. The Pandemic increased the importance of traditional medicines. By the MoU, the entities will train ITDC officials on the value of Ayurveda and other traditional medicines. Along with this, the officials will also learn about the historic importance of the heritage sites in the country. With this, the Government plans to promote tourism along with Indian medicines. People coming for treatment in India will get an opportunity to learn about its cultural significance as well. Our ancestors followed the practice of “Food is Medicine”, meaning their diet was chosen carefully to lead a healthy life. Ingredients used in traditional medicines were staple foods of our ancestors. For this reason, their life expectancy was higher. Indian Government is now trying to adapt to those older lifestyles.


It is expected that traditional medicines like Ayurveda, Unani, Yoga, and Sidha are expected to raise a revenue of 70 billion USD by 2025. MoU will aid India in reaching its potential in the field.

Medical Travel Value

The MVT has been increasing in the country recently. Kerala is the most popular and leading state for MVT in the country. While attending the Health Working Group Meet of G20 at Trivandrum, Kerala stressed on promoting MVT and suggested several plans to achieve this.




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