Military Engineering Services Day

99th Military Engineering Services Raising Day was observed on September 26, 2021.


On this occasion Lt Gen Harpal Singh Engineer-in-Chief, urged all the Military Engineer Services personnel to continue dedicating themselves to the Military Engineering Services.

About Military Engineer Services (MES)

MES is a premier construction agency and an important pillar of Corps of Engineers of the Indian Army. It provides rear line engineering support to the Armed Forces and other associated organisations of the Ministry of Defence (MoD). MES is the largest construction and maintenance agencies in India having an annual workload of about Rs 30000 crore.

Function of MES

MES carries out multifarious construction activities like residential and office buildings, roads, hospitals, runways and marine structures across India it is also involved in construction of conventional buildings, sophisticated & complex laboratories, workshops, factories, hangars, dockyards, ammunition storage facilities, jetties or wharves and other complex or special structures.

Significance of the MES

  • MES has played significant role during the Covid-19 pandemic. It ensured that “Uninterrupted Essential Services” reaches in all military stations.
  • It also played a key role in creating and modifying several existing assets into COVID care facilities in India. It constructed a multispecialty hospital in Pune that provides state of the art medical facilities. The hospital was inaugurated in Jan 2021.
  • In order to be in line with contemporary construction technologies, MES has adopted Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) methodology to tender large value projects.
  • It has also been in the forefront to ensure overall fiscal prudence and reducing electricity tariff.
  • MES is also committed towards energy conservation and eco-system by adopting Solar Power projects, LED-isation and GRIHA green building norms.


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