Mice Rain in Australia

The mice population in Australia has increased exponentially. The mice are causing extensive damages to the cultivated crop and stored food grains. This is being referred to as Mice Rain. Also, plague in the country has increased.

Why is the situation called “Mice Rain”?

In some places, the mice are pouring out like a rain as the farmers are cleaning their silos. They  are running out every where. Recently, a video released in the social media showed mice pouring out of a machine while cleaning. Thus, the name “Mice Rain” came into practice. This huge population increase of mice is causing severe damages to the stored food grains.

What is happening?

  • The Australians are facing severe attack from millions of mice. The mice are destroying crops and stored cereals. They have even made their way into rural hospitals and bit patients.
  • Above all, a mouse plague is spreading across New South Wales.
  • Tonnes of grains are becoming contaminated with mice droppings.

Reasons for Mice Rain

According to the scientists, the rodents are the most successful mammals in the planet after humans. A pair of breeding mice can give birth to new litter every twenty days.

Is the Plague due to Mice Rain?

Plague is a life-threatening infectious disease caused by rod shaped bacteria called Yersinia pestis. It is found in animals such as rodents. As their population is increasing, the spread of the disease is also increasing. This means, Yes, the plague is increasing due to Mice rain.

  • In the 13th century, the disease killed millions of lives in the Europe and hence has got its name “Black Death”.
  • It is mainly caused by sneezing, consumption of contaminated food and water, touching a surface that is contaminated with Y Pestis. It also spreads through direct physical contact with the infected person.

When did the plague begin?

It began in mid March in the eastern Australian states. The Government of New South Wales recently extended a support package of 50 million USD to farmers to deal with the mouse plague affecting the farmers, residents. The Government has also authorised the outlawed poison called Bromadiolone. All these measures are being done to control the “Mice Rain” in the country.



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