Meghalaya Cabinet approves creation of Eastern West Khasi Hills district

On November 5, 2021, Meghalaya Cabinet has approved a proposal to give “Mairang civil sub-division” the status of a full-fledged district.

Key Points

  • Mairang civil sub-division will now be called as “Eastern West Khasi Hills district”.
  • It will be inaugurated on November 10, 2021.

Significance of the move

This move will help in ensuring that administration will remain closer to the people. It will also ensure that implementation of several schemes is more effective.

Khasi Hills

Khasi Hills is a low mountain formation, located in the Shillong Plateau of Meghalaya. These hills are part of the Garo-Khasi-Jaintia range. They connect with the Purvanchal Range as well as larger Patkai Range towards further east. Khasi Hills are located in the Meghalaya subtropical forests ecoregion. Before 1970, Khasi Hills and entire Meghalaya state was part of Assam, administratively.

Which tribe inhabit the region?

The Khasi Hills region is inhabited by tribal Khasi dwellers. They are traditionally in various chieftainships. Khasis are majorly Presbyterians followed by Catholics & Anglicans.

Home to wettest place

One of its capitals called Sohra, is the wettest places in the world.

Highest Peak

Highest peak of the Khasi Hills region is Lum Shyllong. It is 1968 metres in height. It is located a few kilometers south of Shillong town.


Khasi Hills region comes under the Khasi Hills district. This district was divided into West Khasi Hills and East Khasi Hills districts on October 28, 1976. Ri-Bhoi District was carved out of East Khasi Hills District on June 4, 1992.


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