Maharashtra seeks World Heritage Site Tag for 14 Forts

Maharashtra Government has prepared and submitted a tentative serial nomination for 14 forts of the state, to get World Heritage Site tag.

What are those forts?

Maharashtra has listed 14 sites including Shivneri fort, Raigad Fort, Torna fort, Rajgad Fort, Lohagad, Mulher fort, Ankai Tankai forts, Salher Fort, Rangana Fort, Ankai Tankai Forts, Kasa Fort, Sindhudurg Fort, Alibag Fort, Suvarnadurg and Khanderi Fort. All the sites are historically important. They belong to either Peshwa rule or battle between Marathas & Mughals. Some forts also served as naval or army  bases for Maratha fighters.

How forts were nominated?

UNESCO accepted the tentative nomination list of forts forwarded by Archaeology Survey of India through ministry of culture. Now, state government have to submit a detailed final nomination list to UNESCO enlisting the outstanding value of the sites.

What are World Heritage Sites?

World Heritage Sites are landmark or area with legal protection given by an international convention. These sites are administered by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

How these sites are designated?

Such sites are designated by UNESCO for its cultural, historical or scientific significance. To get world heritage site tag, sites must have unique landmark which can be identified geographically and historically. As of June 2020, there exists 1,121 World Heritage Sites across 167 countries. China and Italy are the countries having most number (55 each) of heritage sites.


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