London Tops as Most Congested City in Traffic Index Ranking 2023

London was the most congested city in the world in 2023, with commuters spending 37 minutes 20 seconds in traffic on average to cover a distance of 10 km, a new study has found. The report by the Amsterdam-based location technology specialist TomTom showed during rush hours, people in the UK capital lost 148 hours yearly.

Top 10 Cities in Traffic Index Ranking 2023

World RankCityCountryAverage travel time per 10 kmChange from 2022
1LondonUnited Kingdom37 min 20 sec+1 min
2DublinIreland29 min 30 sec+1 min
3TorontoCanada29 min+50 sec
4MilanItaly28 min 50 sec+20 sec
5LimaPeru28 min 30 sec+1 min 20 sec
6BengaluruIndia28 min 10 sec-1 min
7PuneIndia27 min 50 sec+30 sec
8BucharestRomania27 min 40 sec+20 sec
9ManilaPhilippines27 min 20 sec+20 sec
10BrusselsBelgium27 min+20 sec

London tops the list

London was the most congested city globally in 2023 according to the study by TomTom. Commuters in London spent an average of 37 minutes 20 seconds to travel 10km, resulting in 148 hours lost per year during rush hours.

Dublin second most congested

Dublin ranked second, with commuters spending 29 minutes 30 seconds on average to travel 10km. Despite a slower average speed of 16km/h, Dublin commuters lost the most time – 158 hours per year during rush hour.

Toronto third most congested

Toronto took the third spot, with an average travel time of 29 minutes for 10km trips. However, Toronto commuters lost the least time in rush hour among the top 10 cities – just 98 hours per year. This is due to Toronto’s higher average rush hour speed of 18km/h.

Milan comes fourth

Milan ranked fourth most congested globally, with an average 10km trip taking 28 minutes 50 seconds. The Italian city’s rush hour congestion resulted in commuters losing 137 hours per year.

Lima fifth most congested

Lima, Peru was fifth, with an average 10km trip time of 28 minutes 30 seconds. Due to rush hour congestion, Lima commuters lost 157 hours per year.

Indian cities also among top congested

Bengaluru and Pune in India took the sixth and seventh spots. Bengaluru had an average 10km travel time of 28 minutes 10 seconds. Pune followed closely with 27 minutes 50 seconds for 10km.

Bucharest, Manila and Brussels complete top 10

Rounding out the top 10 most congested cities were Bucharest, Manila and Brussels. In Bucharest, the average 10km trip took 27 minutes 40 seconds. Manila commuters averaged 27 minutes 20 seconds for 10km. Brussels had the shortest average travel time among the top 10 cities at exactly 27 minutes per 10km.



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