LEADS (Logistics Ease Across Different States) 2021 Index

The Logistics Ease Across Different States 2021 Index was recently published by Ministry of Commerce & Industry. This is the third edition of Index.


  • In the index, Gujarat, Haryana and Punjab were emerged as best performing states with respect to mobility of goods and efficiency of logistics chain.
  • This index provide ranking to states on the basis of logistics infrastructure.

Topper States

  • Gujarat, Haryana and Punjab are the best performing states (Top 3 slot respectively)
  • Tamil Nadu (4th) and Maharashtra (5th) are among top-5 slot.
  • Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Jharkhand have witnessed a significant improvement as compared to 2019 LEADS ranking. These states have emerged as the top improvers.

How States were ranked?

  • For representation purposes, states were ranked in three separate classes:
  1. North Eastern States
  2. Himalayan UTs’ and
  3. ‘Other UTs’ group.
  • Within Himalayan UTs, Jammu & Kashmir emerged as top ranker.
  • In North Eastern States, Sikkim and Meghalaya emerged as topper.
  • Delhi was ranked at top position among “other United Territories” category.


The Logistic Ease Across Different States (LEADS) index was launched in 2018. It was developed by the Commerce and Industry Ministry. The index ranks states in terms of logistical support to promote goods trade. Ranking is done on the basis of parameters like competitiveness of pricing, availability of infrastructure and services. It aims to encourage states for providing policy in order to improve their logistics-related infrastructure.

Methodology of the index

First edition of the report, LEADS 2018, focused on export-import trade. It assessed the efficiency of logistics ecosystem across state and UT. LEADS 2019 covered international as well as domestic trade. While, the third edition LEADS 2021 has analysed domestic and EXIM logistics ecosystem across the states.


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