‘Lai Haraoba’ Festival begins in Tripura

The ritualistic festival of the ethnic group of Manipuri Meetei People named ‘Lai Haraoba’ began in the capital city of Tripura, Agartala on Thursday evening, 2nd January 2020. The festival is observed by the Meetei community people since ancient times to please the traditional deities of Sanamahism. Umang Lai. Rebati Mohan Das, the current speaker of Tripura state legislative Assembly inaugurated the five-day festival which is organized by the Agartala’s Puthiba Lai Haraoba Committee and Puthibha Welfare and Cultural Society in collaboration with the Department of Information and Cultural Affairs under the Government of Tripura.

The Lai Haraoba festival is celebrated through rituals, oral literature, dance, and music, as various cultural and traditional events will be organized during the five days such as musical skits, folk songs, and dance. This year’s festival will also feature the participation of a cultural troupe from Manipur. The festival is especially known for its folk song named ‘Lai Haraoba Ishei’ which is played mainly for the Lai Haraoba festival.


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