‘Krishikarna’ Project of Kerala

Mini polyhouse which is a kind of greenhouse will be built under the “Krishikarna” project, launched in Kerala, a joint initiative of the National Society for Agricultural Horticulture (SAHS), the Sustainability Foundation and Qore3 Innovations.


  • Although SAHS, a government-recognized cooperative, is involved in promoting agricultural and gardening practices, the Sustainability Foundation, a non-governmental organization based in Thiruvananthapuram, promotes sustainable development.
  • Qore3 Innovations is a start-up company that claims to provide “end-to-end support” for farms.
  • Under Krishikarna, a small polyhouse will be built on a 2.5 cent land.
  • The total estimated cost of each plastic house is Rs 2,35,000.
  • Aneesh N Raj won Kerala’s Best Hi-Tech Farmer Award and is also an agronomist of Qore3 who is implementing Krishikarna’s innovations.
  • Unprecedented climate changes have had a negative impact on Kerala’s agriculture. Hence, it is necessary to promote high-tech agricultural practices so that farmers can farm all year
  • Qore3 has established more than 30 projects successful high-tech farms in Kerala.

Plan of this project

The plan is to plant Long beans, tomatoes, salad cucumbers, bell peppers, bell peppers, and green leafy vegetables at the mini polyhouses which will be constructed. Krishikarna covers greenhouses, fish and vegetables and mushroom farming. Work on the lands of those farmers who have signed up for this project has already begun, and seeds can be sown within a few weeks.


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