Koneru Humpy won Women’s World Rapid Chess Champion

The Indian Grandmaster winner Koneru Humpy has won the Women’s World Rapid Chess Champion 2019. She defeated china’s Lei Tingjie in Moscow, Russia.

World Rapid Chess Championship

The championship is played under rapid time controls. The Women’s Rapid chess championship is held by FIDE. FIDE is Federation International des Echecs, which is also known as World Chess Federation or International Chess Federation. FIDE defines rules of chess. It calculates Elo Ratings of the players.

Elo Ratings

It is a method to calculate skill levels of the players. It is a number that changes after a player wins or loses a game. Prior to Elo Rating, harkness system was used to rank the players globally.


FIDE is recognized as the supreme body by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in conducting chess tournaments at continental levels and global level.

FIDE was founded in Paris in 1924. The motto of the organization is “Gens una sumus” which means “We are one people”. As of October 2019, there are 190 members that are constituting IOC. IOC also conducts Chess Olympiad. It is a biennial tournament that is being organized since 1924.

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