Journalist A.B.K. Prasad chosen for Raja Ram Mohan Roy National Award

Raja Ram Mohan Roy lived in the 19th century. The reformer founded Brahmo Samaj in 1828 and played a major role in abolishing Sati. The Press Council of India presents awards in the name of the legend every year. In 2023, the Raja Ram Mohan Roy National Award is presented to Journalist A.B.K. Prasad for his contributions towards journalism.

About ABK Prasad

He has devoted his 75 years of life to journalism. He has worked as an editor in major journals in AP. Also, he worked as the Chairman of the Official Language Commission between 2004 and 2009.

Official Language Commission

It was constituted under the constitutional provisions provided in Article 344. It looks after the progressive use of the official language in the country.

Who will present the award?

Press Council of India. It is a statutory body formed in 1966. It watches the press and their actions in the country. It was established under the Press Council Act of 1978. Usually, a retired Supreme court Judge is appointed as the chairman of the Press Council of India. Anybody can file complaints against any press with the Press Council of India.




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