JIMEX 2020: India-Japan Bilateral Maritime Exercise commences

The bilateral Maritime Exercise, JIMEX, conducted between India and Japan biennially is to be in the North Arabian Sea between September 26, 2020 and September 28, 2020.


JIMEX will show high level joint operational skills and high degree of inter-operability between the countries. The exercise includes weapon firings, air warfare, anti-submarine and also will consolidate warfare skills of the two navies.

The Indian Navy is to be represented by indigenously built stealth destroyer Chennai, Fleet tanker Deepak and Teg Class Stealth frigate Tarkash. The Japanese Maritime is to be represented by Kaga, Ikazuchi. Also, P81 Long Range Martime Patrol Aircraft and fighter aircrafts are to participate in the exercise.


The exercise began in 2012 with a special focus on maritime cooperation. The last edition of the exercise was conducted in 2018.

Indian Ocean Region

India has been conducting frequent maritime exercises in the Indian Ocean Region. Recently, India Australia carried out a two day mega exercise in the Indian Ocean Region. In July 2020, the Indian Navy held a PASSEX with the USS Nimitz of the USA along the coast of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. USS Nimitz is the largest warship in the world. A similar exercise was carried out with the Japanese Navy in June 2020.

Such frequent maritime exercises are important at this point of time, as China is increasing its presence in the Indian Ocean region. India expects that China might bring on Ladakh like issue in the maritime zone as well. Thus, India is coordinating with other international powers to secure its zone.


The other maritime exercise held by India and Japan is the Malabar Exercise. It is a trilateral exercise held between India, Japan and USA. This year, Australia is expected to join the exercise.

The exercise began in 1992 and was initially held between India and USA. Japan joined in 2015

The other exercises held between India and Japan are SHINYUU, Dharma Guardian and Maitri.


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